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Discover more about different blocks functionality to help you with your challenge set up

This guide will help you understand the block functionality offered by Meiro and how to customize each one to captivate your audience.

To begin with, there are multiple block types in Meiro designed to target different tests and quizzes use cases:

  • Start page - challenge home page

  • Single choice - a question with only one correct answer in the list of options

  • Multiple choice - a question with more than one correct answer in the list of options

  • Lead form - a form aimed to gather users' personal data

  • Results - the outcomes of your challenge

All blocks are available in the challenge editing mode, which you can access by clicking "Edit challenge" in the Challenges view.

Let's move on to better understand each block type editing options.


Start Page

The start page is the landing page for your challenge where the users can see its summary before launching it.

Here are the options that you can add and modify in this block:

  • Add a title and a description

    • Remove the description entirely

    • Use the rich text editor for your description

    • Use AI to generate generate a title, description, or even both for your challenge
      (not available for the manual challenge creation)

  • Add a cover image manually or with the AI assistance

  • Change the button text that is aimed to start the challenge to any text you want

warning icon
If you use AI to generate a title or description for you, you will lose your current text. Therefore, we recommend copying it somewhere in case you are not satisfied with the generated result.

Single and multiple choice

For questions requiring only one correct answer, use the single choice question block.

For questions where multiple correct answers are possible, use the multiple choice question block.

Things you can do with the questions block for both question types:

  • Change the answer order with drag-and-drop

  • Edit the question and the answers

  • Edit points for each right answer

  • Randomize the answers

  • Add a cover image manually or with the AI assistance

warning icon
For multiple type questions, Meiro tracks responses for all correct answers mentioned in a single question. If the response is only partially correct, our tool will score it with zero points. Keep that in mind when planning your challenge!

Lead Form

Lead forms are an essential part of the lead generation process. The purpose of it is to gather leads, which are potential customers interested in your product or service, for further marketing and sales efforts.

Meiro has you covered with a built-in lead form. You only need to add it to your challenge and select the necessary fields.

Here are the options that you can add and modify in this block:

  • Change the title and description

  • Add the form fields and modify them using ⚙️ button on the right

    • Change the field label and placeholder

    • Make it a required field

  • Add a cover image manually or with the AI assistance

  • Add reCAPTCHA to protect your challenge from bots

  • Change the "Submit form" button text


Challenge results are the outcomes or scores obtained by participants after completing a quiz or a test. These results can provide valuable insights into the performance, knowledge, or understanding of the participants regarding the subject matter of the challenge.

Below are the things you can do in this block for any challenge type:

  • Change the title and description manually or with the help of AI

  • Add and modify a custom redirect button

  • Add a cover image manually or with the AI assistance

  • Show correct answers to the user depending on their challenge score

However, the results block slightly differs for score-based and answer-based types.

Score-based challenge results

In this challenge type, scores are used as a quantitative measure in results, providing a clear and objective way to rank participants. They provide immediate feedback, allowing participants to gauge their performance and identify areas for improvement.

You can modify your results by:

  • Editing the score range for the result in question

  • Editing the points for each right answer

Answer-based challenge results

For this type of challenge, each participant's answer is linked to a specific result, meaning that every response corresponds to a particular outcome. As the quiz progresses, these answers collectively shape the participant's profile. By the end of the quiz, the accumulated answers are analyzed to determine the probability of various personality traits, providing a probabilistic interpretation of the participant's overall personality.

You can manually link each answer with a specific result, which will influence the final result probability.

AI Images

To make your challenge look more attractive and unique to your audience, you can add an image to any challenge block using Meiro's built-in AI image generator based on Stable Diffusion.

To do that, go to the challenge editing mode and click on the block where you would like to add an AI image.

Next, describe the image you want to create and choose the image style. You can also add a negative prompt to exclude specific elements from the image. Try to be more specific when submitting your idea to the AI. This way, you will get an astonishing result!

Below you will find some good example prompts for image generation:

success icon
Create an image of a futuristic city skyline at night, with neon lights reflecting off the rain-soaked streets.
success icon
Generate an image of a magical forest glade with a waterfall, surrounded by colorful flowers and butterflies.
success icon
Produce an image of a cozy library with bookshelves stretching from floor to ceiling, a crackling fireplace, and a comfortable reading nook.

You will get two image versions for your prompt to choose from. Select the version you would like to add to your challenge block, or re-generate the image if you are unsatisfied with the result.

info icon
You can also download both versions of the generated images to your local device to use them later on in another challenge.


You can adjust the design of your challenge to align it with your branding and make it stand out among your competitors.

To do that, enter any of the challenge blocks editing mode and click on the "Design" switch on the top-left.

Here, you can customize any block element by adding the HEX or RGB color number, uploading your own background image, or by applying the existing design from another challenge.

warning icon
Note that your design edits will affect every block in the particular challenge to ensure that your design looks consistent and aligned.

Once you have applied all your adjustments, you can now preview all the challenge blocks, as well as view a live preview from the end-user's perspective.

Preview and Live Preview

You can do a preview of your challenge any time by using the following options:

  • All Blocks. This mode allows you to preview all the blocks in your challenge, such as questions and the lead form, giving you an overall view of your challenge without the need to check each block individually.

  • Live Preview. This mode offers a view of your challenge from the end-user's perspective, showing all the design modifications you've applied. Keep in mind that this version may differ from your current live version, as you'll need to publish your design changes for this version to go live.

The Preview button is available in the challenge editing mode, as well as in the block editing mode on the top right.

warning icon
Remember to publish your challenge or it won't go live.

You can now move on to the next step of the challenge setup:


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