About Meiro

Get a glimpse at how we speed up your interactive content creation, how Meiro works and what it can do for you

Meiro is an AI-powered platform that transforms your ideas or existing content — texts, files, links, or even videos — into captivating interactive content in minutes.

Start creating effortlessly with Meiro's magic

  • Design a challenge from your idea or existing content with our powerful built-in AI.

  • Customize questions, add and tweak blocks, colors, and buttons to match your branding guidelines. Include the powerful built-in lead form to capture personal data from leads.

  • Create stunning, high-quality images for your challenge blocks, including the start page.

  • Track metrics like views, starts, completions, and lead form submissions to measure success.

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Set up your free Meiro trial account and learn how to create your first challenge from your idea in our guide.
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