Manual challenge creation

Understand how to create a challenge without AI assistance

This article offers a step-by-step guide on manually creating your challenge in Meiro. It can be especially helpful if you're looking to transfer your existing challenge to the tool.

Create a New Challenge

Once you're in Meiro, navigate to the upper-left corner and click on the + Create New button.

Choose Test or Quiz -> Create manually. You will be redirected to the Challenge blocks menu.

Set up the Challenge Start Page

In the next step, you will see a pre-created block that is a start page of your challenge. The start page is the landing page for your challenge where the users can see its summary before launching it.

Here are the options that you can add and modify in this block:

  • Add a title and a description

    • Remove the description entirely

    • Use the rich text editor for your description

  • Add a cover image

    • Upload a manual picture or let AI generate it for you

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Check out the Challenge blocks guide if you need more help with AI image generation process.
  • Change the button text that is aimed to start the challenge to any text you want

Below you can see the "Start page" block example after it has been modified:

Add More Blocks

You can now start adding more blocks to make your challenge complete.

You will find more information about each block type in our challenge set up guide below:

Challenge blocks

Discover more about different blocks functionality to help you with your challenge set up

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Once you're satisfied with your result, don't forget to publish your challenge or it won't go live.
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