Meiro features explained

Get to know Meiro's main features and understand how they can help you in various aspects

Meiro offers a range of features designed to assist creators, educators, and marketers in saving time and simplifying the content creation process. It eliminates the need for advanced writing or subject expertise, making it easier to captivate and grow their community.

🪄 AI-powered challenge creation from prompt or from content

Design a challenge from your idea or existing content. Simply describe your topic, upload your files or paste any link to a text source or video file, and we will do the rest. Meiro supports 14 languages meaning you can reach a global audience with your content. Customize challenge difficulty and your tone of voice for more targeted interaction with your audience.

💪🏻 Manual challenge creation

If you prefer using your own imagination or knowledge instead of AI, or simply want to upload an existing challenge into Meiro to track completions, manual challenge creation is a perfect starting point.

🙋 Score- and answer-based challenge types

Depending on your goal, generate a challenge to build a sense of competition among your participants or create one to shape a participant's profile.

Both challenge types can be customized to fit specific themes and objectives, providing flexible solutions to engage your audience effectively.

🖼️ AI image generator

Create stunning, high-quality images for your challenge blocks, including the start page. Describe your image idea and watch it transform into an art masterpiece. Our AI automatically generates two images for each challenge block, allowing you to easily choose your favorite.

🎨 Flexible customization

Customize questions, add and tweak blocks, colors, and buttons to match your branding guidelines. Include the powerful built-in lead form to capture personal data from leads. Remove Meiro’s branding to match the content with your guidelines. Publish your challenge with a single click or embed it wherever you want.

🌐 Domains

Make your challenge URLs more memorable and accessible for your users by customizing them with your own domain.

📊 Real-time analytics

Track metrics such as views, starts, completions, average time to complete the challenge, and lead form submissions to measure success. Access a detailed list of challenge completions and lead data, and export as a CSV file using Meiro’s built-in options.

🔗 Integrations

Export data to Google Sheets, email through a native integration, or use any other tool of your choice via a webhook, ensuring a seamless workflow for gathering more data.

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Meiro offers different features based on your chosen plan. For a detailed overview of our plans and prices, visit our pricing page.
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